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Every Mind Every Family neurodiverse circles

My name is Sarah and I am a National Board Certified Teacher (Exceptional Children, K-12) with a Masters Degree in Special Education: Autism. I have been an educator for over 15 years working with people of all ages, backgrounds, abilities, and within different settings.


After working in public schools and seeing many students fall through the gaps, as well as tutors and tutoring companies offering their services at an incredibly high cost, I became concerned for students in need of help who may be unable to access affordable, quality support provided by an experienced teacher.


Every Mind, Every Family Tutoring was created in order to offer all students the support they need in an environment where learning differences and neurodivergence is affirmed and celebrated.

When I started this venture in January 2023, I was overwhelmed by the response; so many children and families are being left to fend for themselves in so many areas, which has led me to further try and expand my support with consultation, as well as resources I have personally made for my students. 

The pipe-dream is to, someday, open a school that is created with neurodivergent students in mind, but until that time comes, I hope to do the best I can to support in whatever way possible.

Please don't hesitate to reach out!

- Sarah

Hello and Welcome!

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